Let Go With Hypnotherapy and Create With Law Of Attraction


Do You Want To:-

  • RELEASE  from past limiting emotional blocks?

  • RELAX into the Now and feel the peace within?

  • RENEW and create your future?

  • RE-ALIGN with your True Self and take Inspired Action?

    HYPNOTHERAPY will free you from negative emotions and

    LAW OF ATTRACTION will fast forward you to Deliberately create your future.

    If you answered YES then our Stress Free Living Workshop on 15th October is for YOU!


    The Law Of Attraction and Hypnotherapy complement each other. The Law of Attraction needs a relaxed mind to manifest and deliberately create what you want. Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious part of the brain allowing you to rid yourself from the past.

    In this workshop you will learn how to:-

    • Relax with Hypnosis

    • Apply and understand Law Of Attraction to get rid of stress

    • Release emotions through Hypnosis

    • Future Pace and Future Vision your next steps

       Walk away with techniques you can use at home

      Led by Julie Murray – Hypnotherapist BAThH and Neelam Chand – Advanced Certified LOA Practitioner

    Date: 15th October 2016

    Venue: Ebury Hotel Canterbury

     Time: 9.30 am – 12.30

     Cost: £50

    Call Julie – 07773 502 399         www.jmhyponotherapy.co.

     Call Neelam – 07712 257 999     www.mirrorholisticlifecoaching.co.uk

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