“I had a free consultation session with Neelam to learn more about how she could help me both in my professional and personal life.  From the start Neelam listened carefully to the details of where I feel I need some guidance.  She understood how I was feeling and knew how to help me achieve my goals in the future.

 “Neelam is a very warm and kind lady who is always smiling and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.”

” I can’t thank you enough ! You were there for me when I was at a low ebb and feeling desperate . You helped me keep focused on what I want . The Law Of Attraction techniques really work for me ….saying cancel cancel when I get negative thoughts reminds me to keeps positive . I now  also focus on positive thoughts before going to sleep . My big fridge freezer has become my vision board ! Thank you Neelam ……. Angela North

Finding Your Purpose

” you are genuinely helping and advising me in finding my life purpose and giving me a better understanding of how LOA works “

Shanil Vara

Success In Business

” I was so pleased to spend time in your company. The four week package is excellent value. You have taught me how to forgive myself, connect with my inner child, to have self belief.I now really believe with your guidance that the law of attraction will help me achieve my dreams and have success helping others along the way. Thank you Neelam I am so grateful to have met you “Jane Keet

Alsace Living/Positively Free from and Coeliac Community

 ‘This was a fun and engaging workshop for health and wellbeing  for our Free From Coeliac Community support group. Our guest  speaker Neelam Chand Holistic Life Coach, demonstrated to us that by applying the Law Of Attraction our mood or the mood of others around us can affect us like a mirror reflection creating positive or negative situations. Neelam showed us how to dare to think about all the things we would love to change, starting with the simplest things, including relaxing, exercise and being creative to generate a   ‘positive ball of energy’ and very importantly  to start loving ourselves to take away from all our negative thoughts. It was a very inspiring and insightful morning.’

 Reclaiming your Personal Power , Purpose and Passion

“When I first met Neelam I felt hopeless ad lost. I was even going to go on anti depressants I felt so worthless.
Neelam has helped me find myself again and believe in myself. I have energy and happiness in my life again and i truly appreciate what I have.All thanks to you Neelam. You are very kind and gifted. Thanks so much for helping me get back on track and achieve what I want from life.You’re an inspiration. Mandy


“The Law of Attraction quite simply gives you the skills to make positive changes in your life. Neelam is such a kind and gentle soul and working with her helped me to understand myself in a way I haven’t been able to before. I feel stronger, more positive and happier and I now have the tools to empower myself. Thank you.

Health and weight loss

“Thank you Neelam for helping me to discover more techniques for mind deprogramming to help me stay on track with my health goals. We all need someone to help us with our mindset to reinforce the right programming. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we hear and understand that we live up to our expectations,  and what we think dictates what will happen. We need reminding of the techniques to         help ourselves. When you need to re-focus to achieve your goals talk to Neelam.”Thank you Neelam. Sheila Gwillam-Winter

Deprogramming Sessions

Neelam has recently worked her magic on me with 2 deprogramming sessions, helping me to clear blocks that were stopping me from progressing in my life. She helped to quickly identify issues from when I was younger and carried out an inner child meditation with me and also some mirror work. The results have been amazing, I am feeling more at one with myself and am finding that my creativity is now flowing. Neelam is gentle and encouraging in her sessions and I really enjoyed the work we have done together. Neelam has cleared the blocks I had that were stopping me from being the best possible version of me, Thank you so much xx Marion 

Manifesting Intentions

Fantastic Manifesting session with Neelam yesterday! Back in January Neelam explained manifestaton at Ladies who Latte, from this I was able to work out what I am ready to Manifest; first travel, second soul mate, then buying a home. Just from knowing this meant I was very quickly able to focus on travelling and things happened very quickly! Yesterday, I looked at how to manifest my soul mate. Manifesting is very good for general well being as well as helping you achieve your goals. Thank you Neelam for your guidance, I look forward to sharing my results 🙂 xx Sally Curd

The Support Of a Coach brings quicker results

Hi Neelam Just to let you know that I really enjoyed doing the Law of Attraction programme with you. Though I already had some awareness and knowledge about the Law of Attraction, everything I was reading and doing was all a bit disjointed and I found it really helpful and motivating to have a coach who understood what I was talking about and who was able to organise and direct the process for me to make it a more effective experience. The affirmations have been really useful and I am continuing to use the principles of the Law of Attraction more and more everyday … it has really helped change my thought patterns in to being a lot more positive and I’m finding that the things I really want to do in my life are turning up and gradually increasing. Things are definitely getting better. Thank you for all your support and I hope to see you again soon. Nicole

Finding My Soulmate

“Upon meeting Neelam, I instantly found her to be very calm and easy to talk to – a caring and authentic lady. I always walked away from our sessions feeling uplifted. The Soulmate Package, through the guided implementation of different law of attraction techniques, has taught me to love myself first which has had a positive impact on my perspective and therefore my life. Although I was already very familiar with the law of attraction, Neelam taught me how to put that knowledge into action and now I’m very much looking forward to meeting my soulmate!  

I’d highly recommend Neelam and won’t hesitate to seek her counsel in the future, should I need to.

                                                                                                                          Samantha,  Ashford

Self Esteem and Confidence

The work I did with Neelam and the law of attraction totally changed my state of mind.  I went from feeling sad and a little despondent to feeling positive, happy and confident.  With upheavals in both my career and relationships at the same time, the sessions helped me through and gave me the will and determination to change my life for the better without fear or doubts.
Neelam was very kind, compassionate and supportive with a huge amount of enthusiasm for helping me embark on a new path to find my life’s true purpose.
I know I still have lots of work to do to help me overcome a lifetime of feeling unworthy but I am definitely well on the way towards a brighter, happier and more fulfilling existence.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amanda


Law Of Attraction Package For Young People

Self Harm to Self Love

At the beginning of these sessions I was unstable, depressed, angry, uncontrollable, self harming and I had low self-esteem. Now, just having my final session, I now feel the complete opposite to everything I was. First of all, I didn’t want to go to what I thought was a ‘psychiatrist’ because I thought I could sort out my ‘issues’ on my own, I knew I was lying to myself then because I Kew going to a psychiatrist was a waste of time. But, Neelam is not a psychiatrist at all. She has helped my immensely in a few sessions with her. I don’t feel unstable any more because I love myself for who I am and what I am no matter what. I don’t feel depressed any more because that is showing the child in me who gets very upset about unnecessary things. Whenever I used to get angry, I got uncontrollable and I knew no technique to calm me down. But now, I meditate and see other opinions of the situation I am angry at. I never self harm any more because I love myself. I don’t hate myself and I never want to damage my beautiful self ever again. I don’t have low self-esteem any more because I know that I can do anything and be anything I want if I believe and achieve. I have really enjoyed these sessions because they have been very useful to me in lots of ways and I have also learnt fun ways on how to deal with situations. One of the most helpful things to do is express your feelings in a situation because it makes it a lot more powerful. At the beginning I found expressing your feelings as a form of weakness but really it’s a sign of strength. This is because the more you express your feelings the more powerful your point is. I love myself and accept myself for who I am. I am amazing and beautiful. I am happy peaceful and loved. I am happy peaceful and loved. I am happy peaceful and loved. I am happy peaceful and loved. I am happy peaceful and loved. Ruby aged 12