Set Your Intentions Now

Deliberately Create What You Want In 2020


Apply The Law Of Attraction to fast forward Your Goals and Dreams for Health/Ideal Weight, Career/finances, Love/Relationships, Personal Power/Purpose and whatever else!


In This 90 Minute Session You’ll :-

  • Clarify Your goals with 4 Specific questions you need to ask to help you set a Plan Of Action

  • Learn the Strategic Steps needed to activate LOA to help you to achieve your goals much faster

  • Remove Limiting Beliefs/patterns and Reset your Mindset with powerful techniques that work instantly no matter how stuck you feel

  •  Discover the key No1 technique to help you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to go

  • Learn how to Be Aligned in Body/Mind/Spirit to your Intentions with a Guided Meditation that speeds up Manifestation

Led by Neelam Advanced Certified LOA Practitioner 


90 minute session

1:1 £60

Group (2-6) £25 pp

Venue : Wye  Ashford Kent

Contact Neelam for details  : 07712 257 999



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