Positively Free From Coeliac Support Group with the Law Of Attraction


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l really enjoyed being invited to speak at the Positively Free From Coeliac Group on Thursday. A much needed group created by Lesley and Lorraine of Alsace Living providing a network and a powerful positive platform for change to impact the lives of people living with Coeliac, Crohns, Colitis, IBS. I resonate with this group as I too am on a restricted diet  and understand the negative implications it can cause. Many of the group shared how they often felt depressed, isolated, anxious and even angry  with their condition.
I wanted to make it  a fun and interactive session using simple yet powerful LOA techniques to focus on health, wellbeing and maitaining a positive mindset, which I use consistently in my everyday life. The highlight for me was to see  many of the group feel inspired and ‘sing ‘ out the positive affirmations with gusto and enthusiasm with smiles all around. I was pleased with the positive feedback  and how the the group felt uplifted and want me back for more sessions

Please connect with me, I’d love to hear from you . Call me for a free consultation if you want to find out more and  want to apply the Law Of Attraction to improve your health and well being . These techniques are not a substitute for professional medical health care .

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