Coaching Packages

My Packages are based on a holistic approach addressing mind, body and spirit. They are designed to provide and empower you with a proven set of Law Of Attraction tools and techniques including Manifestation Meditation techniques and Future Visioning techniques to help you align to your true self and go on to deliberately design, create and manifest your goals and heart felt desires quicker than you ever thought possible.

Packages Include

  • Health, Diet & Lifestyle
  • Ideal Body Weight/Weight Loss/ Anti-Ageing 
  • Manifest Money & Abundance
  • Success In Business
  • Living With Purpose & Passion
  • Finding Love
  • Fulfilling Relationships
  • Stress Management In Business
  • Living A Stress Free Life
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem And Personal Power
  • Manifestation Meditations To Align To Your True Self

A Typical Package

Session 1

“You become what you think about most of the time”

  • You will Identify & Clarify your goals
  • Set your Chief Aim & Next Logical Step
  • Learn how to apply and activate the Law Of Attraction
  • 5 Techniques to visualise creatively & correctly

Session 2

“Who’s dream are you dreaming”

  • Discover what’s stopping you from achieving your dream
  • De-programme from your self limiting beliefs – a 3 step approach
  • Powerful Subconscious Release Techniques
  • 3 Techniques to align to your true self ?

Session 3

“Feel good now”

  • Re-programme & Re-align yourself
  • Monitoring emotions, your Satnav to Success
  • How to keep on a high frequency vibration to attract what you want
  • Diet And Lifestyle Tips For Body Mind & Spirit

Session 4

“5 minutes to learn a lifetime to Master”

  • Connecting to your Future Self and Future Pacing
  • Manifestation Meditation that include Law Of Attraction techniques
  • Your custom made Roadmap to Success
  • Next Steps To Your Personal Commitment


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