A Mother’s Day Gift Of Pure Magic And Bliss


A  Special Offer for Mothers and the mother in you in need of  ‘me time’  to detox from the stresses of everyday living and giving to experience being and having!

90 minutes of pure magic, bliss, Self-love and healing for mind, body and spirit 

An ‘ Inner Spa’  to align with your True Self, your vision, your purpose and your passion, guaranteed to make you feel energised, empowered and good about yourself.

In this practical session you will apply powerful yet simple and effective  Law Of Attraction techniques which you can use in your everyday life.

This 90 minute Session includes:-

  • Re-connecting and Re-igniting  your ‘Inner Goddess’ and personal power

  • Re- programming your mindset  from  your self – limiting blocks 

  • Re- claiming your identity to help you  feel  fulfilled in  following  your passion and  purpose

  • Relaxing  with your personalised  Manifestation  Meditation to discover  your peace and Bliss

 Cost: 90 minutes 1:1 bespoke session  £40  (offer available until end of April)

Contact Neelam for details: 07712 257 999


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