Monday’s Motivation……..My ‘Abundance Plant’ – whatever you focus on grows and materialises !


IMG-20160822-WA0000For the past couple of weeks I have been focusing on the word ‘abundance’ as part of my daily ritual of   positive affirmations. I placed ‘post it’ notes with abundance affirmations  around my place and in my wallet to remind me to focus on abundance and  what I wanted to attract more of; rather than what I didn’t want, whenever I got into scarcity mode  thinking!

Anyway last week I went to a friend’s house and was admiring her plants; one of which happened to be a very healthy looking ‘Money’ plant! In Feng Shui having a money plant in your house attracts the flow of abundance!

She very generously gave me one as she had two! I was so grateful and pleased! Thank you Julie, the Universe and Law Of Attraction; another welcome sign that I’m in the flow of attracting more abundance and a reminder that whatever you focus on consistently will materialise….. It’s Law!

I’d love to hear from you and how the Law Of Attraction is helping you attract and manifest what you want.

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