Deliberately Design And Create  Your Portable and Personalised Law Of Attraction Toolkit To Fast Track Your Goals For

Body/Health, Wealth/Financial Abundance, Love/ Relationships, Purpose/Passion/Power

This Mini Package includes 3 x 1 hour sessions, where you will apply powerful and effective Law Of Attraction tools and techniques to create your own toolkit to:-

  • Review, renew and activate your goals and intentions

  • Release and remove the negative self-limiting patterns keeping you stuck

  • Re-programme your mind with your ‘New story’

  • Realign and reconnect to your authentic self with Creative Visualisations

You will walk away with your custom-made, ready to use, Law Of Attraction Toolkit which includes your voice recording for your unique ‘New Story,’  Affirmations, Vision Board, Meditation and Visualisations (on MP3 or mobile phone).  You can carry your toolkit around to use anywhere and at any time to fit into your busy lifestyle. Wonderful and discreet for use in your daily life to keep you focused on what you want!

Led by Neelam, Advanced Certified LOA Practitioner


3 x 1 hour sessions 1:1 £135 p.p (£50 single session)                                                                          Group sessions 2-4 people  £120 p.p (£40 single session)

Contact Neelam for details: 07712  257  999                                                                                                                       





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