Law Of Attraction Christmas Gift Vouchers


Neelam Christmas presentWhy  not treat that special someone with an  LOA Christmas gift voucher to help them make their dreams come true in 2017 !

Choose from a variety of packages for health, weight loss, money and abundance, finding love and fulfilling relationships, personal power, confidence, stress free living and much more !

 Coaching sessions include applying LOA tools and techniques to align to your true self  to deliberately design, create and manifest your goals and heart felt desires to live a life you love to live!

 Festive Coaching Gift Vouchers include:-

  • Single  one hour bespoke session  £50 – includes creating your crystal clear vision for 2017 and getting rid of blocks preventing you from achieving them.

  • Package Gift Sets – 4 one hour  sessions £180  walk away with your complete personalised LOA Tool Kit.  

  • ‘ME TIME ‘ Mini Retreat – 3 hour session £100 – an inner journey to align to your true self using meditation techniques combined with LOA to discover and experience the peace, joy  and abundance within and from that set point to go on to manifest your vision, purpose and passion.You will learn the steps needed to do a Manifestation Meditation  and walk away with your personalised  complete Manifestation Meditation to fast track  your goals. 

    Buy a Festive Voucher now till end of December and get 20% off  a bespoke coaching session  worth £50  for YOU!

    Call Neelam 07712 257  999


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