‘If You Want Things To Change In Your Life

You Have To Change Things In Your Life!’ 

Why not treat  You and your loved ones to  ‘ Happy New You ‘  Special Offer Gift Vouchers  to help  make  those  New Year Resolutions stick and come true ! Choose from the following :-

  • Deliberately Design Your New You 2019  by applying 3 key and essential  techniques to activate the Law Of Attraction to fast track your goals.

         1 hour bespoke 1:1 session £45. Group (2-6) £35 p.p

  •  Align To Your 7 Chakras (energy centres where manifestation begins) to identify and get rid of your blocks  to achieve your intentions. Also includes a relaxing, healing and soothing Sound Bath  reciting the Sanskrit  sounds for each chakra.

         1 hour bespoke  1:1 session £45. Group Session  (2-6) £35 p.p

  • A relaxing  guided Manifestation Meditation using all the components  to activate The Law Of Attraction to deliberately create what you want.

         1 hour bespoke  1:1 session £45. Group Session (2-6) £35 p.p

  • Law Of  Attraction Toolkit 2019  Package where you will apply and activate The Law Of Attraction to achieve your intentions, get rid of your blocks and  walk away with your personalised and portable Law Of Attraction Toolkit which includes your voice recording for your unique ‘New Story,’ Affirmations, Vision Board, Meditation and Visualisations on MP3 or Mobile Phone.

         3 x 1 hour sessions 1:1 £135 (£50 single session).

         Group sessions (2-6) £120 p.p (£40 single session)

Contact Neelam for details: 07712 257 999

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