Giving Up On Your 2017 Goals Already?


Struggling to achieve your goals and make those changes? Apply The Universal Law Of Attraction to help you get back on track!

The Law Of Attraction states that whatever we think about and feel consistently, positive or negative, we will attract into our life people, experiences, situations, circumstances and events reflecting those  thoughts.

Half Empty Or Half Full?

 Our Thoughts Create Our Future!

Here’s a self – audit checklist from a Law Of Attraction perspective to help keep you mindful of what you’re attracting and creating into your life as 2017 unfolds :-

  • Are  you setting  clear intentions of  your goals / heart’s desires to keep  you focused on what you want  but  at the same time  following with  counter intentions based on doubt, fear and worry keeping  you focused on what you don’t want? If so you’re  sending out a mixed message and attracting that.

  • Are your goals/ heart’s desires in your ‘Sweet Spot’ keeping you feeling excited and motivated when you think about them and having absolute faith that you will achieve them? Or are your goals/desires  unrealistic and out of reach for now, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed  not  really believing you will achieve them and giving up on them?

  • Are you creating a ‘Positive Ball Of Energy’ around you  filled  with a positive mindset, willing to change things in your life that are not working, replacing them and exploring  new ways of  thinking and doing and being?  Or are you carrying around a ‘Negative Ball Of Energy ‘ filled with negative self limiting beliefs and patterns from the past  keeping  you stuck ?

  • Are you taking small daily action steps  moving towards  achieving your goals keeping you  feeling successful and inspired ? Or are you procrastinating, resisting change, not wanting to make decisions and  giving up at the slightest setback ?

  • Are  you enjoying the process of achieving your goals and feeling calm knowing they will manifest at the right time? Or are you  desperately trying to make things happen and getting stressed and sending out a negative message of not having what you want?

    ‘If You Want Things To Change In Your life , You Have To Change Things In Your Life’

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