Deliberately Design Your Future 2017


Fast Track Your Goals For 2017 With The Law Of Attraction

Better Health, Ideal Body Weight, Money and Abundance, Business Success,

Love and Relationships, Your Purpose and Passion, Self Image, Stress Free living  

In this workshop you will apply powerful and effective Law Of Attraction tools and techniques to:-

  • Get crystal clear on your vision and plan of action for 2017

  • De-programme and remove self limiting blocks keeping you stuck

  • Re-programme  and Re-invent yourself

  • Future Vision and Future Pace  your next steps

  • Manifest through Meditation to realign to your True Self and achieve your hearts desires

 Walk away with your Personalised 2017 Blueprint For Success

Led by Neelam Chand – Advanced Certified LOA Practitioner

Date : January 15th 2017

Venue: Wye       Time: 9.30 – 12.30

Workshop for Groups of  3 – 6 people  £50 p.p

 Also Available :-

  • Single Sessions – A one hour session bespoke to you  £50

  • Package Bundle 4 x 1 hour sessions  £180

  • Group coaching /Team Building Sessions tailored to your needs

Contact Neelam for details  07712  257999

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