Dates for your Diary – ‘Me time’ Mini Retreats


Apply The Law Of Attraction To

Manifest Through Meditation

An Inner Journey to align with your True Self and create

Your Vision                  Your Purpose                  Your Passion

This practical workshop will include techniques to discover and experience the peace, joy and abundance within, that you  can use in your everyday living.

     Learn the key steps for Manifestation

  • Seeding your Intentions

  • Creating and saying powerful Affirmations in a mindful walking meditation in the picturesque surroundings of Wye (weather permitting)

  • Silent sitting with breath control 

  • Creative Visualisation techniques 

  • Future Visioning and Future Pacing your next steps

  • Walk away with your personalised Manifestation Meditation

                              Recharge                                    Rejuvenate                                Radiate                                                             


Workshop for Groups of 3 – 6. £50 p.p.

Tuesday 23rd August and 13th September 9:30 – 12:30 

Contact Neelam for details  07712 257999 

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