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So happy to be celebrating the first year of  Mirror Holistic Life Coaching. I’m deeply fulfilled to receive such positive feedback from clients  and to know that my Law Of Attraction Coaching Packages are making a difference in helping many people turn around their life with speed, success  and achieving  significant results within 4 to 5 sessions.

My  tailor made Packages for Mind, Body and Spirit, include applying powerful and effective Law Of Attraction Self-Help techniques including Manifestation Meditation and Future Visioning that give immediate results in changing beliefs and getting rid of negative Self – Limiting patterns so that  you can move forward and attract a life You want, You deserve and You love.

 A Package Bundle consists of   4/5  one hour  1: 1 sessions. There are a variety to choose from.  For more details refer to ‘A Typical Package.’     

Here are some recent sample testimonials of what people are saying :-

 Reclaiming Your Personal Power and Passion 

When I first met Neelam I felt hopeless, I was  also clinically diagnosed with SAD and was even going to go on anti-depressants, I felt so worthless. Neelam has helped me find myself, believe in myself and get me back on track and achieve what I want from life. I have energy and happiness in my life again……You’re an inspiration! Mandy

Relationships – turning around a marriage  from ‘house mate to Soul mate!’

Neelam gave me LOA  techniques to get the passion back into my marriage and feel more fulfilled …..She helped me to understand myself in a way I haven’t been able to before….I now have the tools to empower myself  and keep my relationship alive. 

Health and Weight Loss

Neelam helped me discover more techniques for De-programming my mindset to help me stay on track with my health and weight goals. Sheila Gwillam-Winter                                                                                                                                 

Neelam helped me get from fat to fit and feel good about myself like never before…It’s not just about food and exercise.  The De-programming sessions helped me discover the source of my addictions and cravings. Connecting me with my ‘inner child’ was a powerful  and  transformational  healing experience. 

Fulfilling Your Potential and Purpose

Neelam has recently worked her magic on me with 2 deprogramming sessions, helping me to clear blocks that were stopping me from progressing in my life. She helped to quickly identify issues from when I was younger and carried out an inner child meditation with me and also some mirror work. The results have been amazing, I am feeling more at one with myself and am finding that my creativity is now flowing. Neelam is gentle and encouraging in her sessions and I really enjoyed the work we have done together. Neelam has cleared the blocks I had that were stopping me from being the best possible version of me, Thank you so much xx  Marion

Stress Management 

When I  have a ridiculous amount of work on and feel completely overwhelmed , I find doing the visualisations combined with breath control and affirmations that you showed me for calmness gives an almost instant effect.

I’m much calmer now knowing that I have techniques to help me  feel that I can cope with the day; not to mention tomorrow!
I just wanted to thank you for your help. Richard

 Thank you very much everyone! I feel so happy and grateful with your comments.

For more examples of what people are saying about my Coaching  please refer to  the Testimonials  page.

 I’m excited about the coming year! As  Mirror Holistic  evolves and grows I’m planning more Law Of Attraction workshops, group meditations, mini  ‘Me Time’ retreats and events in response to popular demand. So watch this space ! Please keep your suggestions and comments coming in. I look forwards to hear from you. Thank you!




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