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 Antidote for those  Monday Blues if you’re feeling filled with stress and worry. Visualise and  intend a beautiful calm week ahead with a clear path free of obstacles  I’d love to connect with you. Leave me a comment and let me know how you are intending and visualising your week…(Read More)

‘Health is Wealth’ 10 simple and effective tips applying the Law Of Attraction to attract better health The Law of Attraction states that life is like a mirror, whatever you consistently think about and feel, positive or negative, will be reflected back to you. The more you focus on the negative aspects of life the…(Read More)

SUMMER SPECIAL SIZZLER Apply the Law of Attraction and fast track to a slimmer, sexier, younger looking You ! In this package for Mind, Body and Soul you’ll learn how to:- Clearly define your dream body Set your goals and intentions Detox your mind from addictions and cravings Discover your deep seated negative patterns Reinvent…(Read More)

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