‘If You Want Things To Change In Your Life You Have To Change Things In Your Life!’  Why not treat  You and your loved ones to  ‘ Happy New You ‘  Special Offer Gift Vouchers  to help  make  those  New Year Resolutions stick and come true ! Choose from the following :- Deliberately Design Your New You 2019 …(Read More)

Deliberately Design And Create  Your Portable and Personalised Law Of Attraction Toolkit To Fast Track Your Goals For Body/Health, Wealth/Financial Abundance, Love/ Relationships, Purpose/Passion/Power This Mini Package includes 3 x 1 hour sessions, where you will apply powerful and effective Law Of Attraction tools and techniques to create your…(Read More)

A relaxing and restorative  ‘Inner Spa’ to realign and Manifest your goals and heart’s desires in the picturesque surroundings of Wye In this 2 hour mini retreat you will apply The Law Of Attraction to learn the key steps needed to Manifest what you want. This will include ;-  Seeding your personal goals and intentions…(Read More)

So happy to be celebrating the first year of  Mirror Holistic Life Coaching. I’m deeply fulfilled to receive such positive feedback from clients  and to know that my Law Of Attraction Coaching Packages are making a difference in helping many people turn around their life with speed, success  and achieving  significant results within 4…(Read More)

A  Special Offer for Mothers and the mother in you in need of  ‘me time’  to detox from the stresses of everyday living and giving to experience being and having! 90 minutes of pure magic, bliss, Self-love and healing for mind, body and spirit  An ‘ Inner Spa’  to align with your True Self, your…(Read More)

   Magnetise the love of  your life  with the The Law Of  Attraction Love Formula !      The  Attract Love Now  coaching package is an inner journey  for mind, body and soul to help you manifest love.  The package includes 4 one hour 1 : 1  sessions.  You will  learn how to:- Set clear intentions and identify…(Read More)

Struggling to achieve your goals and make those changes? Apply The Universal Law Of Attraction to help you get back on track! The Law Of Attraction states that whatever we think about and feel consistently, positive or negative, we will attract into our life people, experiences, situations, circumstances and events reflecting those  thoughts. Half Empty…(Read More)

Fast Track Your Goals For 2017 With The Law Of Attraction Better Health, Ideal Body Weight, Money and Abundance, Business Success, Love and Relationships, Your Purpose and Passion, Self Image, Stress Free living   In this workshop you will apply powerful and effective Law Of Attraction tools and techniques to:- Get crystal clear on your vision…(Read More)

Why  not treat that special someone with an  LOA Christmas gift voucher to help them make their dreams come true in 2017 ! Choose from a variety of packages for health, weight loss, money and abundance, finding love and fulfilling relationships, personal power, confidence, stress free living and much more !  Coaching sessions include applying…(Read More)

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