Hello I’m Neelam. I’m an Advanced Certified Life Coach specialising in the Law Of Attraction. My company is called Mirror Holistic Life Coaching based on the premise …..life reflects back to you what you hold within you.  Here’s a brief glimpse into my background .

Coaching has been and continues to be a significant part of my life story. I love it and have a lot of experience in it. I have a real passion for working with people. Before I set up my Life Coaching business I was a teacher for 17 years .I found coaching to be the most effective non threatening and influential tool to implement change both  in my role as a class teacher, motivating and mentoring children to reach their full potential and later as an Advisory Teacher working in mainly challenging schools, supporting Head Teachers and their staff with a strategic plan of action to turn around their schools to become successful and even outstanding. This was deeply satisfying to me and I gained a reputation of being committed, inspiring and empathetic.

Over the years I’ve also followed a spiritual path .For 10 years  I was a Spiritual Convenor for an Interfaith Group promoting human values, volunteering , spiritual counselling, supporting people to align to their true self . This gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and experience in using   techniques  including yoga , meditation , Thought Field Therapy , diet and nutrition which compliment the Universal Law Of Attraction and that I use  personally in my every day life and professionally in my coaching sessions.

I have faced many challenges in my life, including being a refugee, redundancy, ill health and divorce. These experiences help me relate and empathise with the issues and challenges my clients are facing.

” Any events, circumstances, situations, experiences and people in your life that appear negative are there for a reason…..to clarify what you DO want and allow you to focus on the positive”