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When there is a big change that affects our lives and that may cause us to react and respond with fear, anxiety, anger, hopelessness and resistance ……. no matter what has occurred in every event, circumstance, situation, experience and moment of your life You have a choice to think Positively or Negatively Scarcity or Abundance…(Read More)

SUMMER SPECIAL SIZZLER Apply the Law of Attraction and fast track to a slimmer, sexier, younger looking You ! In this package for Mind, Body and Soul you’ll learn how to:- Clearly define your dream body Set your goals and intentions Detox your mind from addictions and cravings Discover your deep seated negative patterns Reinvent…(Read More)

One of my dreams has been to go to Ascot. So a while ago I put a picture of Ascot in my ‘Dream Book’ which is one of the techniques  used to activate the Law Of Attraction. Anyway I forgot about it. Last week my friend  won two tickets to Royal Ascot in the Queen…(Read More)

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